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I prefer making savory dishes over sweet ones, because I don’t like to measure the ingredients. (well, all that changed, until I started blogging). However, when making desserts, you have to measure every ingredient and be precise, otherwise, you may end up with a “leaning tower” cake. That’s why I never took a liking to baking, it’s too complicated for me. Today, a friend of mine inspired me, when she posted an article on Facebook from Tasting Table about Affogato.  It is an Italian dessert that requires two simple ingredients. I made it tonight , and my family couldn’t get enough of its deliciousness.

Level: Easy


  • 2 scoops of very cold gelato, Vanilla flavored
  • 1 shot of hot espresso (no sugar, added)


    Place gelato in a bowl or cup, pour the hot espresso over it, and serve immediately. The gelato will be drowning in the coffee, and the taste will be amazingly scrumptious. This is a last-minute dessert, that is sure to please your loved ones. You can add some liqueur such as Amaretto, if you want to.

I hope you will try this easy and delicious treat.




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