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Fattoush Salad

Fattoush Salad


about Gina
Gina is a cookbook author, recipe developer, food & wine blogger, wine pairing specialist, wine consultant, wine event organizer, sommelier and WSET level 2 certified, winner of 2019 Salice Salentino USA Bloggers Award held in Lecce, Italy. Gina is currently studying Unit 2 of the prestigious “Italian Wine Scholar” classes provided by Wine Scholar Guild. Her book is rated Best 56 Wine Books and Best Wine Books for Beginners by Book Authority. She is a social media personality and a brand strategist.  

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all about the blog
Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas is the founder of the popular blog It was launched in 2014 and the company was incorporated in the state of Florida in 2017. The blog includes some of Gina’s treasured recipes, classic wine pairings, and her love for global cultures. It was an inspiration for her delicious cookbook: Cuisines, Corkscrews & Cultures.

services offered

Social media promotion $125.00 and up for 1-frame Instagram story 
Grid posts $249.00 and up each – depends on level of difficulty 
Carousels: $399.00 up to 4 photos
Product reviews $149.00 and up each story + link 
Contests and Giveaways – Not available 
Brand Ambassadorships $850.00 and up for a 1-month feature on her Instagram profile page
Live Appearance: $249.00 and up – for 30 minutes
Reels: Starting at $249.00 minimum 5-8 seconds, $265.00 – up to 15 seconds, $375.00 – up to 30 seconds. 
Prices vary depending on the level of difficulty, and the amount of time spent to produce videos. 

metrics & analytics 

Instagram: 19,300 followers -her most popular platform. Her top Reel (video) reached
over 100,000 views! Please check her Reel tab on Instagram! 
Twitter: 7,730 followers @foodiewinelover 
Facebook: 2,400 followers @FoodieWineLover 
LinkedIn: 1,500 followers Gina Zarcadoolas 
Pinterest: 4.5K monthly views @Foodiewinelover 
WordPress & Emails: 300 

 Her reader profile is comprised of professional and world-renowned chefs, food & wine bloggers, home cooks and cookbook authors, sommeliers, wine enthusiasts and famous wine critics, wine concierge and winemakers, travel & lifestyle bloggers, social media managers. Upon request, Gina will gladly provide some mega star names as well as many famous Champagne Houses that are following her on her Instagram account. 

Gina has collaborated with many recognizable brand names including Wine Till Sold Out,  Syltbar Prosecco, Fontana Fredda Wines , Donnachiara winery, The Paring,  Village Tavern Pembroke Pines, Oceanic restaurant Pompano Beach , vSpin,, Greater Fort Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival, Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous | Top Quality Chicken Sausage, Medalla Real | Gold Medal | Cabernet Sauvignon – Viña Santa Rita, Gino Sorbillo Miami location,   
Delivery Dudes, Charles Heidsieck Champagne, and many local restaurants including Casa D’Angelo, Charles Krug winery, Vintners Resort in Sonoma.                 Maison Lorgeril, French wines. 
: Gina occasionally accepts free products in lieu of payments at her own discretion. The value must exceed $300.00.    


Cuisines, Corkscrews & Cultures

about her cookbook: Cuisines, Corkscrews & Cultures features 88+ recipes from global cuisines, plus more than 160 tidbits, tips, headnotes, Gina’s notes, and wine pairing suggestions. This cookbook is packed with valuable content for the beginner cook to the most advanced. Explore Gina’s kitchen and let her share with you her knowledge in food & wine and cultures of the world. You can obtain an autographed copy of her cookbook here: Cuisines, Corkscrews & Cultures . The book is also available on Amazon.  

2019 Salice Salentino USA Bloggers Award

2019 Salice Salentino USA Bloggers Award, Lecce, Italy

Spaghetti al Pomodoro Con Basilico

Spaghetti al Pomodoro Con Basilico


Syltbar Mr. Prosecco paired with a salmon and dill frittata
Salice Salentino Negroamaro Rosato
Salice Salentino Negroamaro Rosato paired with frittata
Thanksgiving, Food & Wine Pairings
Thanksgiving, Food & Wine Pairings
Salice Salentino Rosso Riserva DOP
Salice Salentino Rosso Riserva DOP paired with braciole


Testimonials and reviews:

Recipes, wine pairings, and travel stories, too good and heart-warming not to share! October 20, 2018

“What happens when a passionate and caring person attends to feeding not just the bodies but also the souls of their loved ones? They accumulate a treasury of recipes, wine pairing suggestions, and travel stories, too good and too heart-warming not to share with the rest of the world! Go ahead and try ANY one of the recipes: steps are clear (feels like a motherly figure is there to guide you!), tips are excellent, and the pairing suggestions will make you feel comfortable even if you know nothing about wine. By suggesting wholesome ingredients and bringing together both traditional and current flavor combinations, Gina Zarcadoolas will make you feel like you’re recreating the coziest of comfort foods–and you’ll also be able to get a little fancy when needed!” Athina D. Pantazatou, freelance writer and line editor from

“Gina not only offers a wide variety of delicious salads, but her salad recipes are a wonderful way to start a meal. One of my favorite salads Gina makes is the tabbouleh. It is so easy to make and such a lovely recipe. All of Gina’s salads are made with love and fresh seasonal ingredients.” Chef Krystina Kalapothakos, author of 2 cookbooks and food blogger at  

“My dear Gina, I give you a 5 star and more for this dish. This is everything that started my passion for cooking. A true authentic dish from Naples which gladly is where my Nonno was born and raised. The simplicity of this dish speaks volume. My favorite dish of all-time is Spaghetti al Pomodoro con Basilico. You are amazing and completely fed my soul to see this…” Natasha, blogger and food writer at

Dr. Angela Thomas-DuPree says: 
“This book is MORE than a cookbook it is a must READ! Each page is filled with a story that remind you of home. The recipes, pictures and stories put a smile on your face. The is a must read, a must cook and enjoy. Congrats Mrs. Gina.”

Dear Gina,
I have received your fantastic cookbook and cooked one of your recipes last night, the linguine alle Vongole with clams. I cooked it for my family and it was a big hit! Besides I love all your recipes it’s more than a cookbook, the book is filled with lovely stories an photos. The variety of recipes are ranging from simple dishes to complex recipes that challenge the more intermediate cooks. The variety of salads offered in your book is amazing. I can’t wait to cook the next dish Gina!
thanks so much XX
Jessica (@wineandbubblelover) Instagram account 

Paging through your book is like opening the door to your delicious world. Your love for cooking reaches the reader in every recipe – A must cookbook for anyone who loves Greek, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and Italian-American cuisine! Bravo Gina!!
Hadia Zebib Khanafer, popular author of Hadia Lebanese Style Recipes

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