My name is Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas and I am the name behind the blog Foodiewinelover.com. I am of Italian and Middle Eastern descent, but spent part of my early childhood in Haiti. It’s a small country nestled in the Caribbean known for its vibrant artworks, culture, and delicious food.  I attended culinary school at the age of 14, and learned about French and global cuisines. My husband is Greek and I currently live in South Florida, where there is a big Cuban influence. As you can see, I come from a multi-cultural background, and I enjoy traditional and authentic dishes from various cuisines.

I am a passionate food writer, a recipe developer, and the proud cookbook author of: Cuisines, Corkscrews & Cultures. I am a Level 2 sommelier, and recently received a level 2 certification in “WSET: Wine, Spirit, Education, Trust”. I am a culinary personality and a world traveler. In between blogging, I sell and invest in Real Estate. In June 2019, I was awarded first prize for “Salice Salentino USA Bloggers Award” that was held in Lecce, Puglia. Read the blogpost here: discover-the-splendor-of-salento-and-its-signature-italian-wines/ 

I have been inspired by many different cuisines during my travels around the world, and I am fascinated, the way food plays a major role in cultures all over the globe. I have had the pleasure to visit many countries and cities in my lifetime, and savored many delicious ethnic cuisines, and sipped on delicious wines. 

I am really excited to discover WordPress and share with you my passion for food, wine and trips around the world. I feel blessed to have visited so many places, and the following destinations are some of the highlights of my travels: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico City, Taxco, Acapulco, and Cancun in Mexico; Nassau, Paradise Island, in the Bahamas; St. John, St. Thomas, San Jose, Guanacaste in Costa Rica; Rome, Naples, Capri, Positano, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como, Milan, in Italy; Lugano, Switzerland; Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, in Greece; Kusadasi and Ephesus in Turkey; Corsica, Monacoville and Montecarlo in Monaco; Nice, Cannes in France; Barcelona in Spain and Palma De Majorca.

In 2013, I visited wine country, Sonoma and Napa Valley, and had the time of my life. In 2017, I explored the world of Tuscan living and wines from that region. I also visited Positano, the Amalfi Coast and Naples, where I relished on some authentic Southern Italian cuisines.

In the summer of 2018, I visited Cartagena, Colombia and attended my cousin’s wedding. In June 2019, I won a trip to Puglia where I received an award as mentioned above. I extended the trip to include the Piedmont region, where Nebbiolo is the main grape and Barolo is the king of Italian wines.  I also visited Parma and a factory where they make Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. I continued my trip to Modena and visited a factory where they make balsamic vinegar, then, proceeded to Bologna, and savored the famous tagliatelle alla Bolognese. I ended up in Rome for the 5th time. (All roads lead to Rome)

I currently live in the USA with my beautiful family.



I cook passionately, and I love to entertain family and friends, while sipping on some amazing wines. I will share with you some of my delicious culinary creations, and some beautiful pictures that I captured during my travels.

I hope you will sit back, relax and enjoy My Food, Wine & Travel Lifestyles.

Autographed copies of my cookbook are currently available on this website ONLY.  The cookbook is also available on Amazon. 




  1. Gina Gaines says:

    Thanks for the follow, fellow “Gina!”. My website “Gina’s Inspirations” had been divided into two separate sites, so you may want to follow me at one or both of those sites instead. Gorgeous photo, btw!

  2. Thanks for sharing your recipes and knowledge. You’re sure to open a lot of people up to new food adventures. With this blog, you have really created a treasure chest and wealthy resource bank. I like that you are so open about your background and how it is an obvious influence on how you see food. I look forward to delving into some of your recipes and trying out some new dishes. Or just learning how to make some of those dishes on my own as opposed to going out…

  3. Mary Ann Feldman says:

    Congratulations Gina, I’m so excited and happy for you! Can’t wait to receive the book and try ALL your recipes!

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Thank you so much for your loyal support Mary Ann. Your cookbook will be on its way to you today. With much affection and appreciation. Gina X

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