A Glimpse of The Glitz and Glamour of Monaco

Monte-Carlo Casino

Hubby and our sons, in front of Monte-Carlo Casino


Mom & Dad


Mom & Dad in Monaco

Mom & Dad posing for pictures



My brother Gino in Monaco-Ville

Royal Palace, Monaco

Hubby and me in front of the Royal Palace, Monaco

Luxurious watches in Monte Carlo

Luxurious watches in Monte Carlo

Ferrari in Glitzy Monte Carlo

Ferrari in Glitzy Monte Carlo

Europe2011Monte Carlo Casino

My Mom and Me in front of the Monte Carlo Casino

Pizza in Monaco

Pizza in Monaco

Shopping for souvenirs in the streets of Monaco

Shopping for souvenirs in the streets of Monaco

Monaco's Prince Rainier and Family

An old family picture of the late Prince Rainier and Princess Grace Kelly, their daughters, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie, Prince Albert.

In 2011, I embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime, Mediterranean cruise with my family. One of the destinations, was the lavish principality of Monaco. From Cannes, France, we took an excursion on a lovely bus trip along the French Riviera, known as Côte d’Azur. The scenery was spectacular, and we enjoyed sight-seeing the opulent homes, and the magnificent views of the ocean.  We drove on the streets, where the Monaco Grand Prix, (Grand Prix de Monaco, in French) is held every year. We arrived in Monaco right before lunchtime. We ate delicious pizza at a small restaurant tucked in the alleys.  Afterwards, we shopped for souvenirs, and took a walking tour of  “The rock” (aka Monaco-Ville where the royal palace is).  We enjoyed the splendid vistas of the harbor, and the surrounding areas.  We were pressed for time, but wanted  to visit the grandiose and extravagant area of Monte Carlo, located on a prominent cliff.  We took a “gamble” and caught another bus to visit Monte Carlo. Once we arrived, we were mesmerized by the glamour, and wealth of the area. Colorful Ferraris and luxurious cars swarmed the streets. We toured the Monte Carlo Casino, known as Casino de Monte Carlo.  (You can either visit the lobby for a quick glimpse, or pay a fee to visit inside). A picture ID  was required to visit the casino. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, and had to leave our cameras at the front entrance. Outside, We were free to take beautiful pictures of expensive cars, lavish gardens, and luxurious stores. Monte Carlo is  where the palatial Hotel de Paris is located.   Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to experience the glitzy nightlife, but at least we got a taste of this magical place. We got back to our tour bus in a nick of time, and had a fabulous experience.

Prince Rainier III of Monaco was married to American actress Grace Kelly and was the longest ruling European monarch at the time of his death in 2005.


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    Such a beautiful tribute Gina, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading this and looking at all your photos!
    Great memories!! ✫*¨`*✶♪.¸¸.✻ღϠ₡ღ✻

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