Freshly-Caught Mahi-Mahi with Mediterranean Seafood Rub

Freshly-Caught Mahi-Mahi with Mediterranean Seafood Rub






My son Peter-John and his friends recently went on a fishing trip off Islamorada, in the Upper Keys. They had a blast, and caught tons of Mahi-Mahi, which is a rarity, this time of year. I made it tonight using Kouzounas Kitchen Mediterranean Seafood Salt Rub. It came out unbelievably delicious, with a beautiful golden brown color. It was moist and packed with all sorts of amazing flavors. My family and I went crazy over it. We could not stop raving about the freshness of the fish, and its scrumptious taste.

I am so happy to share this recipe with you because I used this blend of spices that is well-balanced and full of fragrance. It worked beautifully with the fish.


– 1.5 lb. of freshly-caught Mahi-Mahi (or store-bought) Approx.
– 1/2 cup of whole-wheat flour
–   2 tsp. of Kouzouna’s Mediterranean Seafood Salt Rub
– 4 tbsp. olive oil
– 1 tbsp. of un-salted butter
-Salt to taste (may not be necessary depends on your sodium diet intake)

You will do this in 2 batches, unless you are making less than what the recipe calls for.

Serves: 3-4 Degree of difficulty:  Easy


1) Mix the flour and the spice together. Set aside. Lightly season fish with salt and drench in the flour mixture. Shake excess flour off.  Sprinkle a little more spice, to taste.

2) Over medium-high heat, heat 2 tbsp. olive oil with 1/2 tbs. butter, once the butter is melted and pan is hot enough, pan fry the fish for about 3 minutes on one side, and 2 minutes on the other side. Always start with the pretty side of fish down. Repeat this process, if necessary.

I served the fish with homemade pickled red onions, roasted sweet potatoes and a nice wedge salad.

Disclosure: KOUZOUNA’S KITCHEN DID NOT PAY ME TO USE THEIR PRODUCT. I am sharing this recipe because my family and I are very happy with this dish. I highly recommend this spice for all your seafood dishes.

Bon Appetit from Gina’s Kitchen!

PJ with a Mahi-Mahi

PJ fishing off Islamorada

This is not “fish” story! I got the picture to prove it….




  1. Marusja says:

    This recipe Gina, that you so kindly share is a prime example of the vitality of pure ingredients. The salt rub is just perfect and I can imagine the pleasure in tasting such a freshly produced meal, from sea to plate…wonderful!

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