Spanish Style Garlic Shrimp

Gambas al Ajillo, Spanish-Style Garlic Shrimp

Spanish-Style Garlic Shrimp

Gambas al  Ajillo, Spanish-Style Shrimp are very common in Spain. They are packed with flavors and easy to prepare.  If you love to entertain, your guests will love these delicious tapas. (appetizers)

Serves: 4
Level of difficulty: Super easy

There are many recipe variations on the internet, but this is my method and style of cooking.


  •  1 lb. extra-large shrimp, peeled and deveined (yield 16-20)
  •  3/4 cup olive oil
  •  1 head of garlic, chopped
  •  2 -3 dried chiles
  •  Flat-leave parsley for garnish, optional
  • Sea salt, optional


1) In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium to medium-high heat. Add the chiles, let them release their flavor in the oil for about  for 1-2 minutes. (Keep them in the pan)

2) Add the shrimp in a single layer. Sautee for about 3 minutes, then add garlic.

3) Flip the shrimp, cook an additional 2-3 minutes, until the shrimp are no longer translucent.

Voila, it’s that simple! I usually garnish with parsley but I was entertaining at the last-minute, and didn’t have the time to do it.

Spanish Style Garlic Shrimp

Wine pairing suggestions:  Albariño, a wonderful spanish white wine. It is also produced in Portugal.

Tip)  If you are cooking for a crowd, I suggest that you make them in batches.

Buen Provecho!
Bon Appetit and Cheers from My Kitchen!



8 thoughts on “Gambas al Ajillo, Spanish-Style Garlic Shrimp”

  1. Gina, what a great idea! I can’t wait to do this – I already have all the ingredients, except the fresh parsley, like you LOL!!

    Have a great week sweetie!



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