Chef Christo Gonzales, A Legend Is Gone

Chef Christo Gonzales, A Legend Is Gone, But He Left A Legacy Behind.

His name was Christo Gonzales, and he was a Master in the kitchen. He is gone too soon, but one thing is certain, he has left a mark on so many us, in the foodie world. I didn’t know him personally, but we had been Facebook friends for over 4 years.  I always enjoyed his food posts because they were colorful and appealing to the eyes. He was a character, and had a unique sense of humor. He was a gentle soul, with a passion for creating beautiful dishes.  He graced our news feeds with exotic recipes, and vibrant images of delicious food. He  was a family man, and adored his son, Jackson.  Chef Christo had great work ethics, and always willing to help anyone with any food-related questions. I have compiled some of HIS beautiful food photography for your enjoyment.  After seeing his beautiful work in the kitchen, you will realize why so many people, including myself are affected by his untimely death.

If you want to know more about him, please check out this blogpost.

Some of his culinary creations


Chicken Green Chile Soup



Big Cowboy Chili



One of his comfort food, a pasta dish



RIP Chef Christo! Thank you for the wonderful memories, and your great source of inspiration in the kitchen. You were full of life, and your presence will be missed by so many that were passionate about your work.




  1. Lynnie says:

    Hi Gina,
    Thank you so much for writing about Chef Christo Gonzales. Although i did not know him personally, i enjoyed seeing his posts and reading his page about his recipes. I particularly liked to read about his knife stories. He LOVED knifes, all kinds of knifes and even had a bag of knifes. Many of his knifes were very special to Christo and had specific stories behind them….. I will look at knives differently from now on after reading his stories….. He will be missed by so many of us not to mention his family. May he rest in peace and his recipes and stories live on. I know they will with me, you, and so many of us. <3

  2. RubyDee says:

    Christo was a Facebook friend for several years, and yes I will certainly miss his posts…be it his trekking through New York on his bike with perhaps a few bottles of wine, freshly picked mushrooms, or vegetables and peppers fresh from the garden in his basket…or simply walking in New York, taking us to many places otherwise not seen, or those wonderful selfies! Gone, but never forgotten. He will live on in the legacy that he created daily via those delicious, colorful, tantilizing plates of culinary creativity. Or perhaps in the various lunch and dinner stops, or the taco trucks that he loved so and shared with us. He loved cooking, loved his city and above all, very much loved his family.
    It was a pleasure to be able to chat with him from time to time via message on various cuisines, photography, presentation, pasta making, etc.
    This spring I will certainly miss those delectable squash blossoms that he loved to pick, stuff with goodness and so elegantly present on the plate.
    He truly touched the lives of a lot of people in a positive way, many I’m sure that he wasn’t aware of. Truly a unique, one of a kind Chef and genuine good person. Yes, I miss you my dear friend. I shall think of you this summer when the squash blossoms are raising their faces to the sun ready to be picked and stuffed with a mixture of tasty goodness. After all, it was you who inspired me to do so a few years ago.
    Yes…Christopher Gonzales…gone, but never forgotten.

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