Be Grateful For Another Monday!


Most people dread Mondays because it is hard to get up after a long weekend of catching up on errands, and letting your hair down a little. Look at it, as a fresh start to new beginnings, and it will set the tone for a wonderful new  week.  Make the best of it, because complaining about it, will get you nowhere.  It’s all in the attitude and how we perceive things, don’t allow anyone one to ruin your serenity.

Take time out for yourself, even 5 minutes of meditation can do wonders.  Life can be overwhelming at times,  learn to prioritize and compartmentalize, and all things will fall into place eventually.

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Eat well, drink well, and feel well!

Happy Monday from Gina’s Corner!


  1. giusyl says:

    Well said my dear Gina!! Much to often I hear of people dreading their lives with anger when they really all they need to do is look on the streets of our society and see how some people really have it bad. No judgments but as long my kid is healthy and happy and as long I have a roof over my head….I AM GREATEFUL!!!!
    I love your heart Gina
    G. 😘😘😘😘

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