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Cookbook, food cultures, global cuisines, food & wine pairings, recipes, and travel lifestyles.

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Cuisines, Corkscrews & Cultures features 88+ recipes from global cuisines, plus more than 160 tidbits, tips, headnotes, Gina’s notes, and wine pairing suggestions. This cookbook has 224 pages and at least 150 color photographs that is packed with valuable content for the beginner cook to the most advanced. Explore Gina’s Kitchen for some delicious meals; let her share with you her knowledge in food & wine and cultures of the world. You will discover a rustic side to her personality, with a touch of glamour!

The cookbook is currently available for sale on this website. US residents, you can select either local pickup (no shipping fee, and it applies for people that I personally know), otherwise, please select media mail (which takes a little longer, 6-10 business days) or Priority Mail which takes about 3 business days. The amount will show up when you enter your address.

For international residents, the site will tabulate shipping & handling costs after you enter your mailing address. The price will vary between $20.00 to $30.00 based on your location for regular mail via the United State Post Office. Priority mail is always extra, and you will have that option available. The cookbook is available on, Amazon Europe, UK, Canada, and Japan. The shipping may be more cost-effective for you, but please keep in mind, if you choose to buy it from Amazon, your book will not be autographed.

COD – Cash on delivery applies to South Florida/local pickup ONLY. (Friends and family only)

For anyone outside the US, my book can be purchased on Amazon Italy, UK, France, Canada, India, France, Spain – Prices will vary but postage will be less expensive.

Due to copyrights material, the book is non-refundable. The only time, you would get refunded is if you never received the item, or the book arrives damaged.

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    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Thank you so much Lisa!!! Your book will be on its way to the post office shortly. I hope you will enjoy some of my recipes and create meal memories. <3

  1. Marianne Odze (Missy) says:

    Hi Gina,
    I just placed my order and can’t wait to receive your cookbook. I know what a labor of love this was and is for you. So my dear friend, I am so proud of you and wish that I can be there to share in your celebration of this fantastic accomplishment. Have a fabulous time!!!!
    Missy xoxo

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Thank you so much Missy! Your cookbook will be mailed out today and you should get it by Monday or Tuesday, the latest. With lots of love and gratefulness in my heart. <3

  2. Mary says:

    Gina, I am so happy!!! Woo hoo!!! My cookbook has arrived today! I’m so happy for you! Can’t believe it is already here, you’re fabulous my darling! Worth every sip, so I am celebrating with Champagne!!!
    Loves from Perth, Australia!!! @perthwinegirl

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Mary, you are fabulous darling. I am so glad my cookbook made its way to Australia. Thank you for your loyal support and all the accolades. I am forever grateful my dear one. Don’t forget to read the section: Valuable things you need to know before reading this cookbook!! Love, Gina <3

  3. Congratulations bella mou! I will be ordering my book soon and can’t wait to do a feature about you and your first cookbook. I am so happy you made one of your dreams come true! Your father is smiling down upon you and I am sure very happy.

    Love you lots!

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      That is very sweet and kind of you koukla mou. Yes, dad is smiling big from above. I am looking forward to your feature, just let me know, and I will “show up”. Miss you, but I know you are in the background. With much love and gratefulness. xoxoxo Gina <3

  4. Darlene Corsino says:

    Yay! Can not wait to get my copy! I have been following you and your amazing food for years. I’m so excited to try your recipes. I’m looking forward to learning more about wines and the pairings you choose. Wishing you the most prosperous and healthy life. Next time I’m in Florida we must break bread together love ❤️

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Thank you so much Darlene! I truly appreciate your beautiful words and your support. Please, let me know next time you are in my area. I would love to clank glasses with you. With much love and appreciation, Gina <3

  5. Steve Werner says:

    Hi Gina, I’m an Account Manager with RICOH and had the pleasure of interacting with Troy recently. He mentioned your book and I’m sold on the concept and your way cool method for linking Life memories with special recipes. Please sign the book, it shall be a gift for my beloved wife (and me). Godspeed and thank you!

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Hello Steve, your cookbook will be mailed out today to you and your beloved wife, Silvana. Thank you for your support, and I cannot wait to hear your feedback.

  6. Dr. Angela Thomas-DuPree says:

    This book is MORE than a cookbook it is a must READ! Each page is filled with a story that remind you of home. The recipes, pictures and stories put a smile on your face. The is a must read, a must cook and enjoy. Congrats Mrs. Gina.

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Thank you so much dear Angela for this beautiful review. I appreciate your support. Love, Gina xo

  7. Hadia says:

    Paging through your book is like opening the door to your delicious world. Your love for cooking reaches the reader in every recipe – A must cookbook for anyone who loves Greek, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and Italian-American cuisine! Bravo Gina!!

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Thank you so much Hadia. Coming from you is a huge compliment. Best wishes for the New Year! XOXO

  8. Jessica says:

    Dear Gina,

    I have received your fantastic cookbook and cooked one of your recipes last night, the linguine alle Vongole with clams. I cooked it for my family and it was a big hit! Besides I love all your recipes it’s more than a cookbook, the book is filled with lovely stories an photos. The variety of recipes are ranging from simple dishes to complex recipes that challenge the more intermediate cooks. The variety of salads offered in your book is amazing. I can’t wait to cook the next dish Gina!
    thanks so much XX

    Jessica (@wineandbubblelover)

    • FoodieWineLover - Gina (Martino) Zarcadoolas says:

      Thank you so much Jessica! What a fantastic review. My heart is filled with gratefulness. XO

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